The amazing appeal of Jesus Christ

November 28, 2017
LUKE 15:1 - Now all the tax-gathers and the sinners were coming near Him to listen to Him.

Does it seem strange to you that irreligious, ungodly people were drawn to Jesus? Does that strike you as unusual? What did Jesus have that drew the sinners and tax gatherers—the “dregs” of society—to Him? I believe it is the same appeal Jesus would have if He were alive in the flesh today, an appeal that would draw people who are fishing, hunting, playing golf, cutting their yards, or living under bridges or in jails or flophouses. What would it be?

First, supernatural power. Imagine that in the nightly news broadcast they told of a man in a nearby town who walked through a hospital and healed everyone of their sickness. That would be a draw, would it not? Jesus had supernatural power, and people saw it, and wanted to experience its benefits. Second, Jesus had hope about Him. He talked about life after life. He said this world is not all there is...there is more to life than this. All kinds of people want to live forever. All kinds of people are interested in life after life.

Also, Jesus spoke truth. His words had a ring of reality about them, and He was honest and candid and open. The naked truth is a powerful thing, and even the ungodly are drawn to someone who speaks the unvarnished truth. Finally, Jesus’ life was permeated by love. They saw in Him a kind of supernatural love that was pure and sacrificial and revolutionary. And these are appeals that are still operative today.

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