Watch for deception

August 31, 2018
"Beware, lest your hearts be deceived and you turn away and serve other gods and worship them." - DEUTERONOMY 11:16

The fundamental temptation is power, to exert control and be king of your own life. The devil has been out to dethrone God since before the beginning. Having failed at displacing God from the throne of the universe, the adversary works feverishly at shoving God off the thrones of individual human lives.

People committed to Christ won’t go along with the devil’s blatant attempts at dethroning God. For devoted disciples, the deceiver will use stealthy tactics. One is “allurement.” The enemy knows how to lay traps built on ego, past hurts, resentments and bitterness. Our life journey is littered with such traps, and that’s why it’s important to allow the Lord to cleanse our hearts.

The adversary also loves to employ enticements. With incredible subtlety the devil is able to convince some that he can offer a better deal. That’s what the devil was trying to do with Jesus in the wilderness. All Jesus had to do was worship the dragon and Jesus could avoid the cross!

Our enemy will also use flattery to deceive us. He will inflate our egos so that we soar on our own puff to the heights, where we run out of fuel and plummet into disaster. Stay on the watch. As you journey with Christ, don’t let the enemy snare your heart.

Pray for wisdom to discern the devil’s subtle tactics to deceive you.

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