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More Than Conquerors

June 04, 2023
Nothing happens to us that has not been filtered through God’s love for us. Therefore, when challenging circumstances come into our lives, we can be confident that they will not separate us from God’s love but draw us closer to Him. Victory is ours, not because of our love for God, but because of His supreme love for us.

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Romans 8 The Victorious Life

Lion Chasers May 28, 2023
We can be confident that God will not waste what we are going through. He uses our past experiences to prepare us for future opportunities. This truth can be especially comforting when we encounter the problems, challenges, and difficulties that are an unavoidable part of daily living.
Who Can Be Against Us May 21, 2023
God loves to give good gifts to His children, and He desires that we relate to Him as a child to a loving parent. He looks for ways to help us, lead us, and guide us. He has no shortage of resources, and we can trust Him to orchestrate the circumstances of our lives. We are on His team, and His team wins!
God's Role in Salvation May 14, 2023
Every person is born with something of the image of God upon his life, but only when that person surrenders control to Christ does he receive the “stamp” of Jesus on his life. God looks at the person who has received His Son, and He sees perfection because He sees the righteousness of the One who gives us new life in Him.