Weather life’s fiercest storms with faith!

Trials are an inevitable part of living. So how can you weather life’s stormy seasons with faith – and emerge victorious on the other side?

Dr. Young shares the greatest source of strength to weather life’s storms in his booklet, Hope in the Storms of Life. We want to send it to you as thanks for your gift to share the proven truth of God’s Word through The Winning Walk.

This handy resource shows you . . .

  • How to avoid the danger of the “gentle breezes” of sin
  • Why you’ll never be hopeless with God as your anchor
  • How trials open doors to set an example for nonbelievers
  • Why you’ll always be more powerful for God after the storm

Hope in the Storms of Life is our way to thank you for your gift below. We pray it gives you the hope you need to weather life’s storms with faith and turn your trials into triumphs!



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