The One Year® Chronological Bible - Get more insight into God’s plans and purposes!

Life can be full of doubt and uncertainty, but God never expected us to stumble along blindly. He gave us the Bible as a road map to lead us closer to Him.

Now, The One Year® Chronological Bible can help you understand God’s plans and purposes even better.

The books, chapters, and verses of this Bible are placed in historical order – as the events actually happened – so you get a powerful new perspective.

It’s broken up into 365 daily readings to help you read the entire Bible chronologically in just one year – in as little as 15 minutes per day.

It can help you...

  • Read the whole Bible in one year

  • Better understand the historical context of events

  • Find your favorite passages quickly and easily with a Scripture index

The One Year® Chronological Bible is our gift to thank you for your generous gift today to help share the proven truth of God’s Word. So request your copy now!

May it help you better connect with and understand God’s Word throughout this year!



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