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Mountain of Exception

Mountain of Exception

May 23, 2024

Partial obedience to the will of God will take us in the wrong direction. If, instead, we invite God to run our lives, we will discover that the path of obedience is also the path of joy and purpose – without exception!

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Made to Climb

Mountain of Unfulfillment May 21, 2024

When we try to run our own lives, we will get in trouble every time! How much better it is to trust God and believe that He is fully capable of replacing our selfish dreams and expectations with something infinitely better.

Mountain of Validation May 17, 2024

We need worship in order to focus on those things that are most important so that our work will have validity and power. In other words, the time we spend on the mountain with God equips us to become more effective for the work He calls us to do.

Mountain of Covenant May 15, 2024

Every time we see a rainbow, it should remind us that God always provides for His children. In the storms of life, we can ask God to help us remember how much He loves us and be confident that He will keep His promises to us.

Mountain of Decision May 13, 2024

The Word of God changes lives and reveals His will for us! If we desire a physical, emotional, or spiritual touch from God, we must listen for His whispered word as He calls us to Himself and speaks directly to our hearts, our minds and our souls.