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Lost and Found

May 21, 2024

God seeks us when we wander away from Him.

The Crown of Creation

May 20, 2024

Man is a creature of great worth, made a little lower than the angels.

Are You the Real Deal?

May 19, 2024

The difference between genuine and counterfeit Christianity is a “bowed head.”

Pour It Out

May 18, 2024

Follow the path of downward mobility.

A Precious Heirloom

May 17, 2024

Remember the principles that make our nation great.

Living Proof

May 16, 2024

The fabric of America is unique.

One Of Those Days

May 15, 2024

God knows just what we need to live for Him today.

Real Joy

May 14, 2024

Happiness depends on circumstances, but joy depends on God.

No Wiggle Room

May 13, 2024

Christ must be on center stage in our lives.


May 12, 2024

What you live for is evident in the way you live.

Drawing Power

May 11, 2024

Christ is magnified through our witness and our walk.

Fully Devoted

May 10, 2024

How to receive all that God has prepared for you.

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