4 Things You Need to Know About Heaven

March 02, 2018

We Americans tend to spend a lot of time filling our lives with stuff. There are activities, noise, computers, television, and all the things that make up life. But we often don’t do a good job of taking time to think about what comes next, after we die.
So what does the Bible say about the life to come—specifically, when it comes to Heaven? Well, here are four things you need to know about Heaven…

1. Heaven is real.

Most of us think reality has only to do with material. If it’s real, it has to be material. But when your think about it, you know that’s not true. That which is spiritual is also real. Can you see love? Can you see friendship? No, but they’re as real as the words on this page. Heaven is both material and immaterial—both measurable and immeasurable.

2. Heaven is supernatural.

When we think about what we’ll look like in Heaven, we immediately think about our prototype: the resurrected body of Jesus Christ. We know He would eat. He could be touched. And He communicated with people.
But we also know Jesus wasn’t immediately recognized in His resurrection body. His body was human, but yet spiritual. He could appear and disappear. That is the type of body you and I will have when we go to Heaven.

3. Heaven is fun.

If you Google “Heaven,” you’ll see miles and miles of white clouds. You may see an angel, or a cherub with a little halo. But I don’t believe you’ll find a single image with a title that best describes Heaven: that it’s fun!
There’s unlimited delight and joy in Heaven. Laughter and celebration. All kinds of music and singing. And we’ll have all our senses in Heaven. We’ll be able to smell, and taste, and hear, and feel.

4. Heaven begins now.

Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17). When you receive Christ, you have a little taste of Heaven already operating in your life.

So, if you look at your life and see something empty and boring, I invite you to come and receive Christ and be assured of being a citizen now and forever in the holy city called Heaven!

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