A Mother's Greatest Accomplishment

May 02, 2018

The greatest accomplishment of any mother is to raise her children to be champions for God, individuals who make a difference in the world in which God has placed them, and who become a blessing to all those around them.

What is the secret of producing champions in a home? It begins with the mother’s commitment to live like a champion herself, and to allow the beauty of her relationship with God to overflow into her relationship with her children.

For the mom who is serious about the business of growing champions, there are four crucial characteristics that need to be present in her life:

1. Worship

First and foremost, the mom who produces champions is a worshiping mom. Not only is she faithful in her commitment to corporate worship each weekend, she priorities her time so she can make worship a part of her daily life and her family’s life as well.

2. Integrity

Moms with integrity love decency and truth, and teach their children to love the right and hate the wrong.  They have asked God for an undivided heart, and their lives reflect a deep consistency of conviction and purpose.  Moms with integrity resist the temptation to compartmentalize their lives or to allow the “minor” things of life to crowd out the “major” priorities.

3. Stability

Children need to know their parents are there for them! Moms with stability are consistent in their dealings with their children. They listen to their children, are consistent in their discipline, and provide a stable home environment their children can count on in an increasingly unstable culture.

4. Balance

There are so many competing demands for our time, effort, support and money. Moms with balance set and hold the right priorities, in the right order. They keep things in proper perspective so that activities do not crowd out the quality time and quiet time that are so essential to the emotional and spiritual health of their home.

The mom who worships, has integrity, stability and balance experiences something wonderful. She begins to understand how her children think and feel. She can identify with them, listen to them, and let them know the kind of persons she wants them to be. She discovers that God has given her the ability to crawl inside the heart of her child so that she can be the godly caregiver, coach and cheerleader she desires to be. There is something special about the word “champion,” isn’t there?

I am so thankful for the moms who pay the price to raise their children to be champions who are ready to live for God and speak up for Him.

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