How to Follow Jesus… in Your Politics!

October 18, 2023
U.S. Flag Waving in Wind

Who’s your favorite politician?

That might not be an easy question to answer. But let me tell you my response to that question. Be warned – it’s an answer you may not have considered.

Who’s my favorite politician?


Let me explain. In my opinion, the best definition of politics is, “the total complexity of relationships between people living in society.”

In the light of that definition, Jesus is the consummate politician! Because above all else, He is in the relationship business.

The very reason Jesus came was that we might have a right relationship with God, a right relationship with ourselves, and a right relationship with others. 

So in the truest sense, Jesus was a fabulous politician.

But that begs another question: As followers of Jesus, how are we to navigate today’s challenging political landscape? 

It goes without saying that every Christian’s duty is to be informed, engaged, and active in the communities in which God has placed us. You and I must be prayerful and dependent on the Holy Spirit as we read and apply God’s timeless Word to the challenges of our day. We must be prepared to hold out the Truth – even when that means swimming against the strong cultural tide.

But as we do that, we must be sure to follow in Jesus’ footsteps by prioritizing relationships. And we do that by “speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15).

It’s imperative to have both those elements. Truth without love is cold and heartless. Love without truth is mushy and compromising.

To that end, I pray that you’ll know Jesus’ power and wisdom as you follow Him in every sphere of life, including your politics!