How you can stay fired up for Christ

February 24, 2016
How to Stay Fired Up for Christ

A group of professional thieves recently robbed a technology firm in Silicon Valley. They knew the layout of the building, the exact location of what they were after, the response time of the police, and even how to leave no evidence behind. 

After all that planning, they entered in the dead of night, bashed in one locked door, and took a single gadget with a dollar value of $2.50.

So why was that such a big deal? Well, what the thieves took was a small sleeve that slides over a battery and boosts its voltage – that’s a million-dollar idea! The voltage booster accesses the unused power in a worn-out battery and fires it back to life! 

Now, at some point, all Christians begin to lose their spiritual fire and need a jolt. But here’s a simple truth: What you want, you pay for. If you want to know God and stay fired up for Him, you must do what’s necessary to stay spiritually charged.

Take a look at these three biblical steps for staying fired up for Christ: 


Philippians 3:14 says when you feel faint, you have to press on through the power of Christ. Just like a runner pushes through fatigue to find the untapped energy to finish a race, you have to make a determination to press on with your eyes fixed on Jesus. (Hebrews 12:3)


Titus 3:5 teaches that the Holy Spirit regenerates believers. One of the best ways to experience this regeneration is to spend time with other Christians. Fellowship in the Spirit supports spiritual energy and keeps you fired up and effective for Jesus.


One of the best-known verses in all the Bible, John 3:16, expresses the most basic truth in Christianity – God loved you enough to save you. Jesus has saved you, and there is power in salvation!

Now is the time to meet with Jesus and get your spiritual charge. Choose to fear the Lord and worship Him. Choose to put love into action through service, and rekindle the fire of God’s truth in your heart.

Press on, be regenerated in Christian fellowship, and find power in God’s salvation, and the life of Christ will be fired up in you!

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