Three Steps to Help Your Family Thrive!

January 26, 2023

What’s America’s number one problem? 

It’s a controversial question that elicits many different responses. But there’s no doubt in my mind as to the answer. 

America’s number one problem is the breakdown of the family.

The bottom line is that dysfunctional families are dangerous. Dangerous for children, dangerous for husbands and wives, and dangerous for our wider society.  

As disciples of Jesus Christ, you and I are called to push back against this perilous cultural trend. So how do we do that? How do we ensure that we’re leading and nurturing our families in line with God’s proven truth? The book of Genesis is foundational. To understand God’s perfect plan for our families, you need to look at the first family.
In Eden, we see the perfect triangle of fellowship between God, Adam, and Eve. They displayed beautiful unity – in the relationship God had with Adam and Eve, in how Adam and Eve related to their own selves, and in the relationship Adam and Eve had one with another. The result was wonderful. Positive, wholesome behavior. A family filled with love, peace, and joy. 

Doesn’t your heart long for that?

But sadly, your and mine’s realities are often very far removed from this Eden experience. That’s because the curse of Genesis 3 is still wreaking havoc in our world and in our lives. The curse impacts our families because it has shattered our relationship with God, with ourselves, and with others. 

So how do you cancel the effects of the curse in your family and build a home of happiness and holiness?

1. Accept your weakness. 

When the devil accuses you of being too weak, too inadequate, or too sinful to build a functional family, be quick to agree with him! Agreeing with the devil may seem counterintuitive – but not when that step is followed by the next vital step… 

2. Remember God’s power. 

Recognizing your own weakness is in fact your source of strength – because only then will you depend on God for every step. 

3. Receive Christ’s forgiveness. 

Be honest with yourself, with each other, and with God, about the specific sins that damage your family relationships. Turn away from those sins, and turn to the cross of Christ, knowing His forgiveness is full and free! 

I know these proven truths have the power to help you build a happy, wholesome, and holy family – and I pray you’ll know His help and strength in the days ahead!

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