Anger and depression

September 08, 2020
And He said, “My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.” - EXODUS 33:14

When Moses was leading the Jewish people from 400 years of Egyptian slavery toward the Promised Land, he had to deal with their constant complaining, stubbornness, and backward thinking. The difficulty of this task led to temper flare ups and depression in Moses.

What happened to this larger than life biblical hero? Moses forgot three very important things: the promise of God’s presence, God’s plan for his life, and God’s power to deliver whatever Moses and the people needed. So whenever you become angry or depressed … and all of us do from time to time … I encourage you to remember what Moses forgot: God is with you. He has a unique plan and purpose for your life. And He has the power to provide everything you need to fulfill that plan and purpose.

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