At What Cost

April 14, 2023
At What Cost
“As a result of this many of His disciples withdrew, and were not walking with Him any more.” 
John 6:66

When some people hear the Bible taught and the truths about the Christian life clearly declared, they say, “You know, that is a little too heavy for me!” If it gets a little too close and a little too uncomfortable when God’s Word, that two-edged sword, pierces and penetrates us, we may look for what someone called “Church Lite.” Can you imagine some of the ads for Church Lite? “24% fewer commitments. Home of the 7% tithe. Fifteen-minute sermons guaranteed. Everything you wanted in a church and LESS. Come and join us.

Tragically, in our generation, that is what many appear to be seeking and settling for. I believe Satan loves it when an individual minimizes the demands of following Christ. But if we consider the price Jesus paid when He willingly endured the Cross on our behalf, how can we do less than give Him all that we are – and all that we will ever be?

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