Better Choices

June 01, 2023
Better Choices
"Why are you in despair, O my soul? Are why have you become disturbed within me?"
Psalms 42:5

One way to deal with depression is to acknowledge any poor choices you have made, then start making different choices. This is what the psalmist begins to do in PSALM 43. He prays, “O send your light,” – he is choosing the presence of God. “And send your Truth” – He chooses the Person of God. “And let them bring me to your holy hill” – he chooses the precepts of God, the Word of God. “And I will go to the altar of God” – he chooses the people of God. “And I shall praise You.”

Follow the psalmist’s example and choose the person of God, His presence, and His Word, and He will put you on the right path. Choose worship and the praise of God, and you will discover that you cannot be depressed when you are continually being blessed.

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