Burglar-proof your marriage

May 04, 2017
HEBREWS 3:4 - For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.

Like many of our friends and neighbors, we have a security system in our home. When I open the door, I hear a little beep that reminds me to enter a code to temporarily deactivate the system. When we are in for the night, I enter the same code again so an alarm will sound if an intruder enters. Why do people install security systems? So they can feel safe in their homes and protect their loved ones and their property from those seeking to cause harm.

While every home may not need a security system, every marriage does! It takes a security system around every husband and every wife to ensure that a marriage remains intact, safe from those persons or forces that would harm it. Even if only one partner puts such a system in place, the odds of adultery occurring decrease by 50 percent! What are the components of such a system?  First, be controlled by the love of God. Let His love dictate your thoughts and actions. Second, be wise in the fear of God. Understand that He is just and settles His accounts. Third, be certain of the judgment of God. One day each of us will stand before Him and be held accountable for every thought and deed. Fourth, be identified with the cause of God. Fly your flag for Him, and fly it high. Fifth, be accountable to the people of God. Allow those close to you to examine your life. Finally, be your mate’s best option for companionship, love, lovemaking and nurture. Don’t be fooled into thinking your marriage is “burglar-proof.” Set up your security system today.

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