Door ajar

September 23, 2018
He who loves transgression loves strife; he who raises his door seeks destruction. - PROVERBS 17:19

Regina left the door of her heart ajar and ill winds blasted it fully open. She was chagrined to learn others were logging more sales calls. It wouldn’t hurt, she figured, to pad her reports a little because she had potential contacts. Soon Regina was padding her expense accounts, fudging on other reports and shading the truth to close sales.

Small compromises had opened the door of her heart to big ones. Regina had wanted to share Christ with her co-workers, but now her own joy was slipping away, along with her integrity. Regina could stand it no longer. She confessed her sin to God, who forgave her, and her boss, who fired her.

But she stayed in touch with a work mate, Terri. Finally, Regina told Terri what she had done. “Why did you confess?” Terri asked. “It cost you your job!” Regina walked through the open door of witness at the same time she closed the door of compromise.

What is the door of your heart “raised to” just a little? What small compromises in your heart could lead to big ones? Confess your sin and commit to God to close the heart-door left ajar.

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