God’s Magnificent Design

June 09, 2024
God’s Magnificent Design
"The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and the firmament is declaring the work of His hands."
Psalms 19:1

Noted author H. G. Wells once said that, when he was young, he would look into the starry skies and he would be overwhelmed by the mystery and the majesty of creation. It would take his breath away. But, in an interview he gave when he was an old man, he said that all the mystery was gone, all the glory was gone. He said, “I look into the Heavens just like I would look at wallpaper in a waiting room.” How sad that is! 

If we aren’t careful, the jadedness of life can take away the grandeur of God’s created order. Never lose sight of the wonder that this world was designed by God - and that we are a part of His magnificent design.

That knowledge will help your life catch fire, it will renew your passion – and it will cause you to declare the glory of God.

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