Hi Dad, Bye Dad

June 29, 2024
Hi Dad, Bye Dad
"Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they will not lose heart."
Colossians 3:20

A child in our church was asked, “If there were a TV show about your family, what would it be called?” The youngster answered, “Hi Dad! Bye Dad!” His reply spoke volumes about his longing for the love and attention of his “workaholic” dad. Fatherhood is a relationship.

So any man who is not involved in the lives of his children and is clueless to their struggles, dreams, and desires is not really a father. Without a doubt, our earthly dads impact our concept of God, our Heavenly Father. Sadly, though, many dads make it difficult for their children to believe there really is a Father in Heaven who loves them and desires a relationship with them. So men, let me ask you a question: what idea of “father” are you planting in your kids?

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