How God Tests Us

May 06, 2024
How God Tests Us
"For the Lord is righteous; He loves righteousness; the upright will behold His face."
Psalms 11:7

God tests us to see where we are in our relationship with Him, and to make sure we are building our lives on a solid foundation. Sometimes He gives us the test He gave to Jonah. Remember that God gave Jonah an assignment, but Jonah decided not to obey and instead tried to run away from God. But after a rather dramatic crisis, Jonah agreed to go to the place God wanted him to go and do the thing God wanted him to do. At other times God may give us the test He gave to Job. Job lost everything – His family, his possessions, even his health. Through it all, he maintained his integrity, but he discovered that he was guilty of the sin of pride. He trusted his morality and his religiosity instead of fearing  God and trusting in Him alone. 

Two kinds of tests:  a test of obedience and a test of humility. Both are used by God to determine where we stand and what we trust in the crisis moments of life. Perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves, “How would I do on these tests?”

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