I still do

October 19, 2021
"… each man is to have his own wife, and each woman is to have her own husband." - 1 CORINTHIANS 7:2

Elvis Presley’s signature song was Love Me Tender. I won’t sing it, but listen to just a few of its words …

     "Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go.

     You have made my life complete, and I love you so.

     Love me tender, love me true, all my dreams fulfill.

     For my darling I love you, and I always will."

These lyrics actually encompass what a husband and wife vow to one another in biblical marriage: T L C – to be true, to love, and to cherish. And although brides and grooms repeat their vows to one another, they are actually making their vows to God in a covenant relationship. So let me challenge you to take time this very day to reaffirm your love to your mate. Restate your vows to one another and make this an “I still do” day in your marriage!

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