"Love makes all the difference "

September 05, 2017
1 JOHN 4:19 - We love, because He first loved us.

Christians should be world-class lovers. No one should be better at demonstrating love in action than a follower of Jesus Christ, because we have the best example of love there is. We are to be fervent – stretched out – in our love for others. Dr. John McGuire was a professor of English at Howard Payne University for many years.

One day the president of the university called Dr. McGuire with a special request. “I’ve admitted a young man with a very poor academic record. He doesn’t look like college material, but he is so determined and motivated to succeed that I’m taking a chance on him. I want you to take him under your wing and give him all the help you can.” It was a struggle, but the young man’s writing and study skills gradually improved. At the bottom of every paper he submitted to Dr. McGuire for review, he would write these words: “Prof, when I’m a great doctor, you’ll have a part in it.” A few years after he graduated from Howard Payne, the student sent his former professor an engraved graduation announcement from Baylor College of Medicine. On the bottom he wrote, “Prof, when I’m a great doctor, you’ll have a part in it.” A few years later, another announcement came, saying that the young man had completed his studies in surgery at an eastern university. At the bottom he wrote, “Prof, when I become a great doctor, you’ll have a part in it.”

That man who had once been a struggling undergraduate became the chief of surgery at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D. C. Love makes a difference. And nobody is better equipped to love than the man or woman who is in Jesus Christ. We love because He first loved us.

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