Measuring up

March 02, 2021
“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…” - ECCLESIASTES 9:10

In Mississippi, where I was born, there is a little town by the name of Soso. Years ago, when they were building the railroad, a group went ahead to scout out a place where they could set up camp. When they returned, they were asked if they had found a good spot. And they replied, “We found a place. It has some water, but not enough. It has some shelter, but not what we’d expect. The place we found to build is just so-so.”

Just so-so. Not quite adequate? If that’s how you would describe your spiritual life right now, don’t camp there! God is at work in your life, so press on, and He will turn your so-so life into “so much more” than you could ever imagine.