Obtaining your heart’s delight

June 25, 2018
Delight yourself in the LORD; and He will give you the desires of your heart. - PSALM 37:4

I really, really wanted that job. I prayed, confessed, stood on the Word, but I didn’t get the position. I thought I wanted to marry a certain girl, prayed I would, but it didn’t happen. I wrote in a college paper I wanted to build bridges as a career, but I didn’t become an engineer. At the behest of friends, I ran for president of the student council, prayed reluctantly to be elected, but got clobbered. The desires of my heart on all those issues were not aligned with delighting in the Lord. 

God’s desires for me were better than my own dreams. The job I did get was much more fulfilling. I married the ideal girl, and have been blessed beyond my expectations. I didn’t become a bridge-builder, but God has allowed me to be part of building churches. And had I been elected president of the student council I would have missed the church job that changed my life!

We get confused when our desire becomes our delight, but we get it right when our delight in the Lord determines our desire.           

Set aside your fondest desires. Tell the Lord you’re nailing them to the cross. Ask Him to cause your heart to delight in Him above all else and to desire what He desires.

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