Our Motto

October 03, 2023
Our Motto
"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…"
Psalms 33:12a

I know a young man who experienced a neck injury while playing football. His head and neck had to be stabilized with a metal brace. He would get frustrated because he could only look to the right and left, but could not look up.

We live in a culture that’s constantly shifting, which often leads to confusion, uncertainty and division. As people look for answers, they can become frustrated much like my football friend, because they turn only to the left and right, believing answers will be found politically, economically or philosophically. But as Christians, we know the answer comes only from looking up. We find that answer in our nation’s motto: In God We Trust. May we pray earnestly that our country will return to its roots as a “nation whose God is the Lord” and that God will bless America again.

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